Top 10 best US architecture firms 2018

An architectural firm is a space for architectural practice which provides architectural services in the profession of architecture. The firm either employs its own licensed architects or connects the services of independent architects.

An architecture firm in the United States usually has at least one “principal,” a licensed architect who is the sole proprietor of the firm, or one who shares an ownership interest with the other architects in the firm

Small firms with fewer than five people usually have no formal organizational structure, depending on the personal relationships of the principals and employees to organize the work. Medium-sized firms with 5 to 50 employees are often organized departmentally in departments such as design, production, business development, and construction administration. Large firms of over 50 people may be organized departmentally, regionally, or in studios specializing in project types.

Advances in information technology have made it possible for firms to open offices or establish alliances with other firms in different parts of the world. This makes it possible for some portions of the work to be performed in the US or UK,

The long-term and widespread effects of these practices on architectural firmsĀ  remain to be seen.

Top 10 best US architecture firms 2018

1. Gensler; San Francisco, CA (Architect)

Gensler’s Los Angeles office lobby

2. Perkins+Will; Chicago, IL (Architect)


3. AECOM; Los Angeles, CA (Engineer-Architect)

4. Jacobs; Pasadena, CA (Architect-Engineer-Contractor)


5. HKS; Dallas, TX (Architect)


6. HOK; St. Louis, MO (Architect-Engineer)


7. HDR; Dallas, TX (Engineer-Architect)


8. IBI Group; Irvine, CA (Architect-Engineer)


7. CH2M; Englewood, CO (Engineer-Contractor)


8. IBI Group; Irvine, CA (Architect-Engineer)


9. Stantec; Irvine, CA (Engineer-Architect-Landscape)


10. SOM; New York, NY (Architect-Engineer)


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